Reijnen Entertainment is your trusted name when it comes events planning. With our team of experts and professionals in the field of coordination, monitoring, and management, we can assure you that you will get the experience of a lifetime with every event that we handle.

We put the “special” in special events

No event is too small for us. We will take care of your special celebration because we know that this is important to you. Whether you are having your wedding, a birthday party, or a simple get-together with the people you love, we will guarantee the best and hassle-free occasion that your family and friends will enjoy and cherish.

We keep the family culture

Because we started as a small company, we treated each member of Reijnen Entertainment as part of the family. And this culture has sustained us until today. We believe that family is the most important core of our society. And we love to give the best for our family.

Our business has grown because we take care of our clients. We stay connected with them. Because of the level of service that we provide and the relationship that we build with them, clients come back to us and ask us to once again plan their events. Trust and loyalty is built because we give value to our customers.

We do our work step-by-step

We do not just talk the talk. We walk the walk. And we will not promise you anything unless we are sure that all aspects of the event are being covered. What we do is to have preliminary meetings with the client and get the dream that they want for their reality. As event organizers, our goal is to provide you with all that you need at the day of the affair.

We take note of every detail about the event. We create a checklist made specifically for your occasion so that you will know that our team is taking care of you day in and day out.

We love to keep our clients updated regularly. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help our customers monitor our plans as each step comes into fruition. When a particular concern comes up, the clients are readily notified so that we can get their suggestions on how to tackle the issue. We will also share our own educated recommendations to guide them on the best step to take on the specific matter at hand.

We treat privacy as a priority

All information that you share with us will be treated with care and security. We have an established Company Privacy Policy to protect our clients against data disclosure to third parties and other competition.

Flexibility and customization

We plan for your sake and not the other way around. We have a set of steps that we follow for every event we manage but it is still your call on what to include in your packages. We offer flexibility and customization based on your needs. We give offers & coupons for those with a restricted budget. We give discounts to those who book early. We even give voucher codes and promo codes for those who shop online.

We will adapt and adjust because we aim to deliver the satisfaction that our clients deserve to have. We make arrangements and ensure that you will be stress-free. You will have the perfect and most successful event every time you partner with us.

Anne Jannsen

Anne has been in the events planning business for seven years. She worked as a freelance planner and is now part of Reijnen Entertainment. She believes in love and romance and she always wants to bring the most memorable memories to her clients. She is also a part-time writer and customized party enthusiast.

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