Reijnen Entertainment is well-known for hosting and planning weddings, debuts, and other special events. We love being part of the most important celebrations in your life. And now, we are offering the same professionalism and competence as we expand our products and services.

Here are other services offered by Reijnen Entertainment:


We offer promotions of your events ahead of the day itself. These promotions include, but not limited to, social media advertisements, printed ads, and even billboards upon request. We can make sure that your event is published in newspapers, magazines and other forms of media to expand your reach and inform your customers.

You should make sure that you cover every corner of advertising your event. With our help, you can focus on your celebrations and let us handle all your promotions.

Business Bazaars

We hold a quarterly event that focuses on weddings, photography services, and other event needs. You can contact us if you are seeking to make your business known to other clients and increase your customer portfolio.

In the business of special events planning, although there is massive competition, we still have to help each other out. With the bazaars that we conduct thrice every year, we hope to give small-sized companies an opportunity to reach out to possible clients by providing a venue to advertise their work and offer their own services.

Venue Bazaar

Once a year, we host a bazaar that caters owners of event venues so that they can advertise their hotels, inns, and resorts to clients looking for a place to host their birthday parties, weddings, and other celebrations. For those who want to join this event, you can go to our Contact Form page and give us details of your business and location.


You have to regularly visit our site for coupon codes on products and services. You can shop online using discounts and book us for your events. You can even have rental cars coupon code & discounts. Be sure to check our sites for deals and packages.